Safety Staffing Services

At Amerisafe Group we understand that the execution of a successful project is often contingent on the overall safety of the project—so companies look to us to provide highly trained, professional safety staffing and direct placement to manage safety for their company.

What professional safety staffing do you need?

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Amerisafe Group Safety Consultants

Amerisafe Group can staff your construction project, shutdown, turnaround or maintenance work. Our Safety Consultants can work anywhere in the United States for any duration. Hiring an Amerisafe Group safety consultant is the perfect alternative to recruiting, hiring and training a permanent employee for your project.

We work to find the best Safety Professional for your needs. We have the experience, education and certifications you are looking for. Amerisafe Group has Safety Consultants on staff, as well as a network of qualified Safety Professionals, ranging from college graduates to professionals with 40+ years’ experience in the field.

Why Choose Amerisafe Group for Your Safety Staffing Services?

SPEED- Amerisafe Group can staff your project on short notice. We have safety consultants on staff, as well as access to a large network of Safety Professionals throughout the nation.

SUPPORT- Need a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) but do not want to hire one? All Amerisafe Group Safety Consultants have the support of and access to our CSPs and Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIHs), as well as all Senior Consultants and Managers on staff.

STRENGTH- Our recruiting team works hard to build a solid network of Safety Professionals throughout the nation. All Safety Consultants are top of their field and have gone through our detailed screening and interview process.

SIMPLE- Leave it to us! When you hire one of our consultants, (s)he is an employee of Amerisafe Group. We take care of all human resources and payroll matters.

Types of Safety Staffing Services

Project Safety Consultants: Our Safety Consultants will work for you on your project for as long as you need, including turnaround/shutdown support.

Temp to Hire: Looking to add a member to your safety team? We can help you staff your project with a safety consultant before deciding to hire them for a permanent position.

Direct Placement: Want help finding your perfect match. We can find the right Safety Professional for the job. Our recruiting department can work with you on sourcing, recruiting and hiring the next member of your safety team. Let our recruiting team help you!

Other Safety Staffing Services:

Occupational Health Nurse Staffing - Similar to safety staffing, our Occupational Health Nursing professionals are top-of-the-line health professionals suited to care for your on-site employees in case of on-site injury. Our nurses are available and on-call, ready to travel to any site, nationwide.

Confined Space Technical Rescuer Staffing - Our nationwide network of Technical Rescuers have the confined space knowledge and skillset to rescue in an event of an IDLH/Non-IDLH emergency. With three strong teams in the Northeast, Midwest and East Coast Regions of the United States, our Rescue Personnel will travel anywhere for any duration for Confined Space Entry/Non-Entry Rescue.